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Please note: Sales are updated on a bi weekly basis and will be a total of your sales from 01/03/2023 or the date you had registered (whichever is later) until 30/11/2023

Sales shown do not include direct sales except kitchens and bathrooms. 

You will only earn points after you pass your target or if you purchase promotional materials.

Please ensure to provide below;

The sales total you see on your dashboard

The sales total you believe to be correct (and why you think this may be)

All Huws Gray (and subsidiaries) account numbers you trade with

E-codes are delivered to your registered email address within 3 full working days. Don’t forget to check your junk and spam inboxes too.

Physical cards are delivered to the address entered at checkout within 10 full working days at most, however this is normally much sooner!

Should the above timeframes pass, please fill out the below form for the team to contact investigate further.

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